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A little extra help

We're not a Teacher Supply Agency, we're more than that, we're unique!

We work in partnership with schools across South Yorkshire to recruit high quality :
  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • SEND Support
  • Office Staff
  • Senior Leaders
  • Our 12-Week Unique Model

    Our 12-week unique model allows schools and multi-academy trusts to get to know their new member of staff before offering them a permanent contract. You wont get this from any other Teacher Supply Agency

    and the best part...


    Get it right first time

    Ensure the right decision by assessing candidates performance over a probationary period

    Allow potential employees time to familiarise themselves with their new role

    Gives you the opportunity to observe a candidate over a longer period of time

    no introductory fees 2 1

    Absolutely NO Introductory Fees!

    The time has come, your member of staff's temporary contract is about to expire, you believe that they're the perfect fit for your school and want to offer them a full-time/part-time contract.

    We don't believe in charging you for loving the candidates we have to offer, so there will be no hefty fees or big bills from us. We know you'll love our candidates that's why we will never ask you to pay introductory fees.

    Flexible Contracts

    There are over 500 schools and over 40 MATs in South Yorkshire, no two are the same, so why should their recruitment be?

    That is why each of our recruitment packages is tailor made to the needs of each MAT and individual school.

    We are the professionals at fulfilling wish lists!

    no introductory fees
    no introductory fees 2

    No Obligation

    At any other Teacher Supply Agency, you're often tied into lengthy contacts and are obligated to take what they have to offer, at Unique we're the only Teacher Supply agency that work in partnerships with schools where you have no obligation to take what we have on offer.

    Give us your vacancy to work on, there is no charge! What do you have to lose!

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